The Barksdale Reading Institute is designed to dramatically improve the skills of Prek-3 children through a systematic and direct implementation of a continuous improvement, research-based Mississippi Reading Reform Model.
**2004-2005 Grant Proposal Process**

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BRI Goals

Goal 1:
To implement the Mississippi Reading Reform Model as the foundation for the systemic reading reform model.

Goal 2:
To incorporate the Mississippi Reading Reform Model into the undergraduate elementary education teacher preparation programs at the eight public institutions of higher learning.

Goal 3:
To use professional development, classroom site supervision, and long-distance learning networks to disseminate and implement the Mississippi Reading Reform Model in PreK-3.

Goal 4:
To improve literacy skills in Mississippi's public schools so that children will leave the third grade reading fluently at third-grade level.


Clausell Elementary

Douglas Scott

"Many teachers have modified their instruction, especially in the areas of guided and independent practice. I see fewer "worksheets" and more active engagement and group activities. "


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